Arlington, WA chiropractorDid you know you can naturally improve your health with chiropractic care? Dr. Dale Patrick has been providing chiropractic care to people in the greater Raleigh area for many years, and we hear from many people who have never been to a chiropractor. If you've never had chiropractic care, you might be surprised about how it can play a role in enhancing your overall  health.

Chiropractic was first developed in the 1890s, and it works by restoring the normal and healthy functioning of your central nervous system by adjusting the spine. The term "chiropractic" originates with the Greek words "chiro" and "praktikos," which mean "hand" and "practice." Dr. Patrick helps you by using natural, hands-on care that doesn’t involve risky drugs or surgery.

Many people have heard that chiropractic care is great for back pain, auto injuries, neck pain, and headaches, but you might not know that Dr. Patrick can also provide a boost to your general health and wellness with chiropractic care.  Along with a good diet and exercise, chiropractic care is the natural way to improve your health.

Patrick Chiropractic in Raleigh is here to help you learn more about improving your health with chiropractic care.  Give us a call today at (919) 790-2288 to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Patrick.

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