Dr. Patrick has provided chiropractic care for lots of children over the years, and thought you might be interested in this article about how back and neck pain affects children, too. 

Kids Need Chiropractic, Too

Back and neck pain don't just affect adults, although often they're the ones who seek treatment. What about our children who also suffer? Don't they deserve the same attention from the health care provider who can best address their pain – a doctor of chiropractic?

As discussed in our last newsletter, back and neck pain are prevalent in our society and can strike at any time. If you think children are somehow immune, think again: According to a recent study that tracked the incidence of back and neck pain from childhood to adolescence, one in 10 children (age 9) suffer from neck pain and one in three suffer back pain. The percentages dip a bit at age 13, but then climb dramatically by age 15.

Here's what the research shows:

Percentage Reporting Neck Pain Percentage Reporting Back Pain
Age 9: 10% Age 9: 33%
Age 13: 7% Age 13: 28%
Age 15: 15% Age 15: 48%

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That's right: By age 15, nearly one in six adolescents report neck pain and nearly one in two report back pain. Now that's a serious health issue requiring serious solutions.

Back and neck pain affect people of all ages; that's the bottom line. If your children haven't seen a doctor of chiropractic yet, there's no better time than now - regardless of whether they're complaining of pain in the back, neck or elsewhere.

After all, preventing pain before it starts is the secret to lasting health and wellness. And don't your children deserve that as much as you do?

(By editorial staff of To Your Health)

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