Chiropractic Adjustments and Pain

A recent paper looked into the relationship between chiropractic adjustments and pain. Over the years there have been several models of how chiropractic spinal adjustments (CSA) affect different parts of the body; such as the muscles, joints, nerves and biochemical changes. Pain is modulated by the nervous system so that is where we look to see CSA affect on pain.

Basically there are two different components to how chiropractic reduces and eliminates pain. The first is at the level of the spinal adjustment. Reflex changes reducing pain occur at the level of the CSA and have been measures at two vertebral levels away also. While this is helpful to know my clinical experience has shown that the resulting postural and biomechanical changes that occur after CSA can help pain at other levels as well.

The second change is seen in the cortex of the brain. Research has shown that the pain processing network in the brain is also affected by CSA. The adjustments can result in modulation or reduction of the pain impulses at the cortical/brain level. More and more research validates how chiropractic helps patients live a healthy, pain free life! Below is a link to the referenced paper.

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