Doctors of chiropractic generally use spinal manipulation to address musculoskeletal issues. Most people think that chiropractic is only good for back and neck pain. But chiropractic can do more for a person’s wellness than just relieve pain. Studies are showing that chiropractic can lower blood pressure, too.

A recent double-blinded study compared a group of patients to see how spinal manipulation impacted their blood pressure. The researchers found that “specific thoracic spinal manipulations affected three measures: blood pressure, pulse rate, and changes in hypertension (high blood pressure) classification only in the active treatment group.”

If you are one of many people trying to reduce your blood pressure, you may want to add chiropractic care to your exercise and healthy eating. A healthy diet, exercise and chiropractic could be just the combination you need to bring those blood pressure readings down.  Patrick Chiropractic in Raleigh is here to provide excellent chiropractic care to help you get healthy and stay healthy.  Give our office a call today at 919-790-2288 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dale Patrick.

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