Migraine Headache Relief

Dr. Patrick found this article on natural relief for migraine headaches.  He thought you might find it interesting.

For many people, migraines can take the joy out of everyday living. Migraines can cause many people to skip out on daily activities such as exercising, watching TV or simply enjoying time with their loved ones.

Because of their intensity, they can put a damper on your life. Many seek relief with the usual ibuprofen or aspirin, which are known to have side effects of their own.

Luckily, there are many ways you can beat a migraine naturally. Here are some ideas to get you pain-free the natural way:

    • Talk to your chiropractor - a trip to the chiropractor can work miracles when it comes to back pain, it can also nip the worst migraine in the bud. Chiropractors can help alleviate your pain by using their techniques. Ask your chiropractor for an assessment and start your way toward a pain-free life.


    • Use simple acupressure - By using your own hands, you can find relief when it comes to a headache. Acupressure may be a good way for you to dim headache pain. Simply rub the two points on either side of your vertebrae at the nape of your neck (right below the ridges at the base of your skull). Also try massaging the webbed area on the top of your left hand, between your thumb and forefinger.


    • Take some ginger - This supplement helps inhibits inflammation in blood vessels, so its wise to take it when you feel a headache coming on. It will also do wonders for your stomach if you happen to get migraine-related nausea.


  • Get some rest - if you are tired, you are more likely to get a migraine. By getting some sleep, you should be able to stop pain in its tracks.

Try some of these natural cures for your next migraine, they can help you get back to your daily life enjoyment.

Article from Dynamic Chiropractic editorial staff
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