At Patrick Chiropractic we care about our patients and are dedicated to making sure that all of our patients are highly satisfied with the level of care they are receiving.  The article below highlights the high level of satisfaction chiropractic patients have in comparison to patients of medical doctors.  For more information about how chiropractic can work for you, please call our office at (919) 790-2288


Patient satisfaction affects patient compliance and treatment results; studies have shown that chiropractic patients tend to be more pleased with their care than patients of medical doctors.

This study examined aspects of clinical care in diverse chiropractic practices and determined patient satisfaction with chiropractic care.

One hundred seventy-two doctors of chiropractic (DCs) participating in a practice-based research program, and 2,987 of their adult patients who had sought treatment at least once previously, completed questionnaires during a visit. The patients answered questions on demographics; primary complaint; aspects of the clinical encounter; and satisfaction with treatment. Chiropractors answered questions on routine procedures and services; practice and practitioner demographics; and estimates of patient volume and session length.

Results: Visits for primary complaints were usually pain-related (61.6%); another 31.4% appeared for follow-up maintenance care only. The median number of annual visits to a chiropractor was 13.

Patient Satisfaction Data

* 88% felt their DC always rimage - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Markespected their opinion (9% responded "usually")

*85% said their DC always listened carefully and explained treatment clearly (12% responded "usually");

* 82% felt that their DC never recommended more visits than necessary (11% responded "sometimes");

* 78% said their DC always spent enough time with them (18% responded "usually"); and

* 76% claimed their DC involved them in decisions "as much as they wanted" (19% responded "usually").

The authors suggest, "It appears that interpersonal aspects of the clinical encounter... play a larger role in patient satisfaction with chiropractic care than actual time spent or specific procedures used."

Hawk C, Long CR, Boulanger KT. Patient satisfaction with the chiropractic clinical encounter: Report from a practice-based research program. Journal of the Neuromusculoskeletal System 2001:9(4), pp. 109-117.

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