What Is Thoracic Outlet Syndrome?

Thoracic outlet syndrome is felt as numbness, tingling, pain or decreased circulation in the shoulders, arms or hands. The thoracic outlet is a bottleneck where an important bundle of nerves and blood vessels travel between the head and arm. The space is narrow and injury to the neck can cause inflammation of the muscles in the area, which can compress the nerves and result in symptoms.

Because the neck is complex, it can be tricky pinpointing the exact source of your pain, and other conditions can mimic the symptoms of thoracic outlet syndrome.

Chiropractic Can Help

If you are having numbness, tingling, pain or decreased circulation in your shoulders, arms or hands, contact Patrick Chiropractic in Raleigh at 919-790-2288 today.  Dr. Dale Patrick can help to find the root cause of your pain and develop a treatment plan to get you on the path to reclaiming your health. Chiropractic care is a very good option for treatment thoracic outlet syndrome.
Article provided by Ernst Chiropractic editorial staff
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